Someone who's born to be hanged, can't drown!

You can call it "a destiny" or even "a curse", but some people are born to sing and create music. When you ask them, you usually get an idea, that music has always been artist's most natural expression. Music has been "the love" in the life of Nikolay Urumov, since he can remember.

One listen to one of the artist's latest songs - "Angie" and there's no question, that he delivers the real deal. "I' ve always been interested in 'separation between lovers' theme" - Nikolay says - "Once a woman told me, that if you continue to love somebody, when you're not together, then maybe they still love you too and this connection is alive". These words became the motive and the powerful emotion in "Angie". - "I had the melody in my mind for very long time and needed to let it go out" - Nick explains.

This is one of the songs, that grabbed the emotions at the "Moonlight shopping" event in September, 2006 in Flensburg - the city, where Bulgaria-native Nikolay lives and creates music the last three years. At the open air concert, Nikolay presented two more of his latest songs - the groovy "Funky Weather" and infectious ballad, called "One More Precious Day". The 3 tracks became favorites for many students, when they heard it at Management Day concert, celebrated in June at the VIP Lounge 100. University of Flensburg decided to put an accent over interesting music ideas and sponsored the recordings.

The result is "Funky Weather" - an instantly-memorable hook, filled wit sensuality and sexiness and "One More Precious Day" - the rich melody ballad, you need to sing yourself, whenever the going gets tough. Along with "Angie" they were co-arranged by Axel Riemann. The tunes soon became a part of the Bulgarian National Radio playlists, after a special presentation in a radio show, hosted by the biggest music journalist in BG - Toma Sprostranov. In the meantime, Nikolay Urumov, who was also an author, producer and host of his own radio show, is invited to be a station voice of the ?1 commercial radio station in Bulgaria - "FM+". His timbre became a hallmark in a package of jingles, produced by the biggest Bavarian media group - "BCI".

Among the impressive credits this artist' s amassed in the last few years, at 2005 he adds some very remarkable appearances on big stage with big names. Ex-Rainbow keyboard player and producer Tony Carey invited Nikolay for series of concerts in North Germany with Mobago. Not long after Nick was an opening act for the unique Marla Glen. He was very warm welcomed by the audience, so Marla brought him on the stage at Roxy Concert Hall to perform and even dance with her. "It was like a dream" - Nikolay says.

The audience's sympathy became clear for Nikolay few years ago in Bulgaria, when he was promoting his album called "Alone". Recorded in Sofia Sky studio in year 2000, with one of the biggest Bulgarian producers - Momchil Kolev, this very intimate cd is still a favourite to the listeners and radio stations in Bulgaria. 4 hits came out from "Alone".

"Stop Cryin" is a moving letter to the one you love, but you gotta let go. And you tell them to go without looking back. This touchy tune with rich harmony vocals captures the emotions at the start of the album.

Then comes "Don't Talk" - another one, that leaves you with a lump in the throat.

"Hard To Say Goodbye" is an addictive, very delicious musically, jam to remember, with the special appearance of one of the best guitarists in BG - Cvetan Nedyalkov and impressive lyrics by the music journalist Georgi Kushvaliev.

The big favourite for the fans was "I'll Be Waiting For You"- a melancholic ballad. This one really makes your hair stand on the end. The track amazes with the quite simple arrangement and profound heart-rending lyrics, written by the impressive bulgarian poetess Ina Grigorova. It was chosen as a total request by the "BG Radio" listeners in 2001 and is still on a constant rotation.

Nick's voice sounds flawless through the whole album and It' s just one awesome song after another so you will enjoy this CD for a long time. And it's the album you need to look in, when you try, but just can't find the right words to say to that special someone.

Asked to describe his style Nick says - "it's a mixture of funky and soul, with an overdrive rock guitar, that is not typical for this kind of music". But that's what makes his style identical. The guitar solo is a remarkable part of Nick's first studio recording "Soon I'll Be There", the English original of "Don't Talk", made in Ray studio in 1998. This soulful track is a very special to the author, because you can hear his very natural emotion, as the recording is very less produced. "In music, everything has to pass through the heart and the soul. It's nothing, but a locked emotional energy", Nick says, "and it just has to go out". As it happened with "Stop Crying" - "I sat down to write a letter and the lyrics and music just poured out".

The sensibility and the family roots are important to explain Nikolay's affinity to music. He recalls growing up in a musical household. "My father was an amazing singer, he was playing clarnet and had a great voice, with a deep bass timbre". As a child Nick was influenced by Tom Jones' classic "Delilah". "I was listening to this track all the time", he says. His first public appearance was at 8th grade, singing The Beatles' "Let It Be". Later in high-school he had his own band, inspired by giants like Genesis, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and even got a nickname from his friends. They called him "The Little Zeppelin". Now he remembers hot day in his mother's garden, pumping up the volume to "American Woman", by The Guess Who. The first try to compose he made in the University. In fact the popular now "I'll Be Waiting For You" was composed in a toilet in 78-79. Now 18 years later this song is Nick's visiting card. "All the time at the University, i had this feeling, that i have to make music", artist explains. He and his college band was winning then many first places at student festivals.

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